Fireplace installation

What can we do for you?

Installation Fireplace

Some people use their fireplace for heating and socializing. Others make it a true altar. In the gift shop serves a wide range of accessories in and around the fireplace. You can have your chimney if it is true at all let go of your own home furnishings.

Is the flue plastered be professionally then you are of course also come to the right place. You probably have no knowledge about how your flue is listed. No problem! Houweling style watch has a master flue sweep that controls everything. He test and evaluate your flue.

Advice fireplace

Sometimes it is not easy to make a right choice. Which fireplace best suits your decor and personal taste. You do not need to reinvent the wheel because you are in the right place for the right advice.

If you do not know where to begin or thinks a fireplace in your home is not feasible. No problem! Rob Houweling is regularly present in the showroom itself. He knows what the possibilities are. After more than 25 years to build fireplaces, there is no longer a question where to stay the answer to guilty. He knows every problem or a good solution.

Renovation fireplace

When word renovation alone, comes with many one’s hair stand on end. Especially if you can judge for yourself that the chimney will no longer be fit for the new mantel.
No problem! Houweling Style Schouwen has its own stonemason. We renovate flues and, if we make new flues, for example construction. Houweling’s stijlschouwen- / traditional fireplace construction and home decorating Safety first!

It will be very easy for you. You ask; we build!