Installation Fireplace

Installation Fireplace

Some people use their fireplace for heating and socializing. Others make it a true altar. In the gift shop serves a wide range of accessories in and around the fireplace. You can have your chimney if it is true at all let go of your own home furnishings.

Is the flue plastered be professionally then you are of course also come to the right place. You probably have no knowledge about how your flue is listed. No problem! Houweling style watch has a master flue sweep that controls everything. He test and evaluate your flue.

Houweling’s style fireplaces- / traditional fireplace construction and home decorating Safety first!

A fireplace stands for style, quality and warmth. If the fireplace once built and is ready for use, you obviously going to enjoy. So let the “pure enjoyment” does not spoil the thoughts in your mind, “it will still be safe!”

Fortunately state “A real Houweling ‘for quality and safety. Therefore, we offer you some explanation to make sure that the quality and your safety is guaranteed.

Build a new fireplace

The construction of fireplaces and chimneys happening in our traditional way. That is to say, no concrete liner (this will always tear, also used as a gas) This is because the Concrete bucket can’t expand or shrink due to the heat effect. The result will provide cracks!

That’s why we build the fire section of the fireplace of original traditional flint. Original traditional flint yellow flint we use is processed in parts into one whole, and can themselves absorb the expansion and contraction. We do not use iron do it yourself-hood, because here we again choose a safety device and quality for this we bricklaying traditional methods like hundreds of years ago .

At the same time we close the fireplace still with a valve we will gladly provide you with an explanation how this system works when we welcome in our showroom.

Installation in existing buildings

In this situation, we heels completely from the inside of the chimney, and, of course, run off the debris. We then lay bricks inside the chimney with proceeding to the flue.
It does not matter whether this is on the ground floor should be done on the first or second floor. Here, too, we naturally build an original firebox