Kitchen fires

Give your home a boost with a cozy kitchen fire.

Do you want to give your interior a boost by fire? Then is a kitchen fire the right solution for you! By allowing construction of a kitchen fire is your home immediately a lot cozier.

The appearance of a kitchen fire is very attractive. In addition, the kitchen fire is less present in your room than a marble fireplace. A kitchen fire makes the room lighter and more modern by the sleek appearance. In short: enough reasons to build a kitchen fire.

It requires a lot of skill to build kitchen fires. Through our years of experience and expertise you’re guaranteed a good price-quality ratio with Rob Houweling. We are ready with advice for both choosing a kitchen fire and after its construction.

No kitchen fire is the same, for every interior there is a kitchen stove that fits with it. There are numerous models of kitchen fires. Come watch our kitchen fires in our showroom!

Are you interested in a cozy kitchen fire?

Do you have any questions or want more information about kitchen fires? We invite you to contact us. You can call 06-51577371 or visit sometime in our showroom. We are located on Pasteur Street 151 in The Hague.