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Maintenance of the flue

Maintenance of the flue

Each hearth produces waste materials, also referred to as flue gases. These combustion gases must be properly and safely disposed of. This happens through a drain, or a flue. Such flue is very important and must also meet a number of requirements:

• The flue must be fire-retardant enough
• The flue may have to walk as straight as
• The channel may contain bends up to 45 degrees. Bends reduce the flow of flue gases and provide greater yields of tar and soot deposits on the inside of the channel.
• The channel should be above the roof
• The flue must be built according to the applicable standards and regulations

Maintenance on your flue is of great importance. If there is stoked in the stove, come unburned particles in the flue correctly. These particles adhere to the colder walls of the channel. If your flue is clogged by the gas or failure, can have dire consequences. Think of a flue fire or carbon monoxide poisoning, but also things like replacing your flue. It is therefore important to have your flue once in a while and kept clean.

Rob Houweling offers maintenance, cleaning and repair your flue. We have the right equipment and use proper techniques. Through years of experience, we maintain your flue professionally. Plus, you get a receipt showing the date of the maintenance of your flue, convenient for instance insurance.

Are you interested in flue maintenance by Rob Houweling? Or would you like some more information? If so, please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.