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MDF fireplaces

The most perfect solution for very specific needs

You know what kind of fireplace you want, but you can’t find the perfect fireplace? Then is a MDF fireplace perfect for you! MDF fireplaces offer often the most perfect solution for very specific needs.

MDF is a very good machinability and fine material. The fine fiber structure doesn’t shatter. There are to deal with the most difficult forms and all connection systems are useful. Because it’s so malleable, is MDF a good material for making fireplaces.

It requires a lot of skill to build MDF fireplaces. Through our years of experience in building and purchasing of MDF are your assured of a good price-quality ratio with Rob Houweling. We are ready with advice for both choosing a sandstone fireplace and after its construction.

No MDF fireplace is the same, so for every interior is a MDF fireplace to match. There are countless fireplace models of MDF. Come watch our MDF fireplaces one time in our showroom.

Interested in MDF fireplaces, the solution for your specific needs?

Do you have any questions or want more information about MDF watch? Please contact us. You can call 06-51577371 or visit our showroom. We are located at the Pasteur Street 151 in The Hague.