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Sandstone fireplaces

Country, natural fireplaces with a cozy atmosphere.

Are you looking for a country, natural fireplace with a cozy atmosphere? Then is a sandstone fireplace perfect for you! A sandstone fireplace radiates heat anyway, even if there is no fire burning.

The rough and dull appearance of a sandstone fireplace can be very attractive. The fireplace is less prominent in the space and radiates more hot out than a marble fireplace. While sandstone is a fragile material than marble, fall less damage on a sandstone.

It requires great skill to build sandstone fireplaces. Through our years of experience in building and purchase of sandstone fireplaces are you assured of a good price-quality ratio with Rob Houweling. We are ready with advice for both choosing a sandstone fireplace and after its construction.

No sandstone fireplace is the same, so for every interior there is a sandstone fireplace to match. There are countless models of sandstone fireplaces. Come admire our sandstone fireplaces sometime in our showroom!

Are you interested in a sandstone fireplace?
Do you have questions about sandstone fireplaces or want more information? We invite you to contact us. You can call 06-51577371 or visit our showroom. We are located at the Pasteur Street 151 in The Hague.