Stuccoed fireplaces

Perfect solution for modern interiors

Do you have a modern designed living room and you want to integrate your fireplace into the interior? Then is a stucco fireplace really something for you. A stucco fireplace complements modern interiors. Despite the modern interior exudes a stucco fireplace still warmth even when not lit the fire.

Many fireplaces are not suitable for modern interiors. A stucco fireplace is the perfect solution for this. By integrating your fireplace in the interior through a stucco fireplace your space immediately becomes a lot warmer and exudes class and luxury.

It requires a lot of skill to build plastered fireplaces. Through our years of experience and expertise you have Rob Houweling guaranteed a good price-quality ratio. We are ready with advice for both choosing a stucco fireplace and after the construction.

There are numerous models of stucco fireplaces. Come admire our stuccoed fireplaces in our showroom.

Interested in stucco fireplaces??

If you are interested or have any questions about stuccoed fireplaces? We invite you to contact us. You can call 06-51577371 or visit our showroom. We are located at the Pasteur Street 151 in The Hague