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Rob Houweling shows that a fire in the house is a lovely atmosphere maker. Rob and Nick are showing the potential of a raised hearth in the kitchen. Nick met in his house two fireplaces. He wanted to close the fireplace in the kitchen. Rob has distinctly different ideas about the fireplace.

In the kitchen is a increased fireplace made. In the living room is also created a place with a beautiful marble fireplace. Nick is delighted with the end result.

Watch the movie and judge for yourself. Rob Houweling has been for decades a household in fireplace construction in the region and around The Hague.

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20160407000632We invite you to come to style watch the largest and finest collection and behold fireplaces in the Hague. For more information about style look and what types of fireplaces are, do not hesitate to walk through our online showroom, or contact Houweling Style Schouwen.

Rob Houweling has been for decades a household in fireplace construction in the region and around The Hague.

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